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Click here to download a copy of Reputation Inc's research report, "Building culture to drive reputation" which has key insights into how your organisation can take the right steps to curate optimal corporate culture.

Our latest webinar, explores how leading organisations are approaching culture in these challenging times and setting cultural foundations for tomorrow.

Joined by over 100 business leaders in the fields of communications, HR and reputation, we shared the findings of our own research, Building Culture to Drive Reputation, based on insights from 30 culture experts on how to build a culture that acts as an engine of performance and reputation.

There are 6 strategic insights that we think can help most companies in the current climate.

Building Culture to Drive Reputation

We were joined in the conversation by three great speakers who have been at the forefront of culture change in their organisation:

• Jo Osborn, VP Internal Communications & Corporate Brand, RB

• Natasha Plowman, Global Head of Communications Strategy and Digital at HSBC Commercial Banking

• James Magill, Human Resources Director, Vodafone Ireland

We also had some insights and observations from Danny McCoy, Chief Executive Officer, Ibec.

As you navigate your own way into the new environment, we would like to encourage you to ask yourself some burning questions:

How to listen differently. Redefine the way we seek to listen and understand your employee sentiment towards culture capturing, materiality, mindset, motivation and mutual benefit.

How to lead differently. Recognising the new skills and competencies required of your leaders and frontline managers, investing in upskilling to drive culture shifts and changes as we navigate a challenging and changing world .

How to engage differently. Bring the employee voice at the centre of culture communications to make it as authentic as possible and explore new and diverse ways of communicating inside and outside your company and organisation.

If you would like to explore the answers to these questions for your organisation, please get in touch.

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