We enable businesses to win trust, respect and admiration from the people that matter to them.

What Makes Us Different

We are a reputation laboratory and actively seek to set the standards for the “industry”.

We uniquely understand the impact reputation plays in business performance.

We are fluent across all relevant disciplines that touch on the reputation and business axis and fully embrace how digital is transforming insight and engagement.

We push the boundaries of reputation expertise enabling organisations to exceed stakeholder expectations and deliver sustainable outstanding performance.



Attract and nurture international people that care about business and society.
Believe that collaboration of diverse talent produces the most extraordinary outcomes.


A portfolio of world-class clients where we have produced outstanding results.
The intimacy of our work means we build long-lasting, trusting relationships.


Passionate about discovery, inquiring and learning constantly.
Go the extra mile for clients and immerse ourselves in understanding your organisation.
Celebrate our achievements, learn from our mistakes


We challenge existing paradigms, to help organisations exceed their own ambitions in a sustainable way.
We celebrate our clients’ success, when they face challenges (within or outside our brief) we proactively seek solutions.
We solve complex and difficult challenges: if the solution is obvious, we are probably the wrong partner.

Standard setting

We have been instrumental in professionalising the intellectual knowledge of reputation management.

The 15 sectors we work in


FMCG companies play a central part in consumers' everyday lives across the globe. As a result, they are expected to be fully responsible and transparent across the entire scope of their activities.

We can help you understand what this means to you in your industry and identify ways to build trust with your stakeholders.

Financial Services

In order to renew trust, the financial services industry needs to rethink its overall role in society and express it clearly to the external world.

We can help you identify and articulate shared value to rebuild the bridges back to society.


Consumers are increasingly conscious about the purchasing choices they make. Sustainability, supply chain management and transparency are now vital to retailers’ bottom line.

We take a fresh look at your commercial objectives, in the light of potential reputational opportunities and society’s expectations. This will help you make deeper connections with your customers and the wider community.

Transport & Automotive

Keeping the world connected while always improving safety and sustainability is not an easy balancing act. In order to build better relationships, it is critical to understand what is expected from your business and how to develop commitments that meet those expectations.

We can help you define, articulate and demonstrate these commitments.


Quality engineering and reliable infrastructure are necessary to build the cities of tomorrow. However engineering companies often struggle to overcome the complexity of their business and demonstrate effectively their contribution to society.

We can help you identify “shared value” to connect your business with society, and unearth the true worth of your reputation.


The constant demand for innovation set against the ability to produce affordable and sustainable products presents a unique set of challenges to pharmaceutical companies.

We can help your company meet these new commercial challenges by building a positive reputation.

Industry Bodies

Industry bodies are tasked with representing different organisations in a unified and compelling way. How can one organisation turn the reputational risks of an entire industry into new opportunities for all?

We can help your organisation connect with stakeholder expectations, build trust and create opportunities for the future of your industry.

Energy & Utilities

Scarcity of resources, increasing costs and environmental concerns have put sustainability and security firmly at the top of the agenda for companies in the energy and utilities sector.

We can help you acquire the clarity necessary to navigate your way through these complex issues and build a positive reputation.

Public Sector & Not-For-Profit

Increasing expectations but limited resources put extra pressure on the public sector and nonprofit organisations. How can you get the voice of your organisation heard and know if your message is connecting with the right people?

We can help you by providing insights that let you know how your message is connecting to those in your world. We leverage these insights to bring focus to your communications strategy.


Consumers are connected 24/7, but often know little about the infrastructure that allows this to happen. Network providers need to demonstrate how they help facilitate societal evolution whilst providing better and faster connections to users. 

We help you demonstrate the true value of your contribution to the world.


Technological changes have radically challenged traditional business models and transformed the entertainment industry. Businesses need to leverage their reputation to protect and grow their commercial interests.

We can help you by identifying the right platform to share your message and build your reputation.

Sports & Leisure

Given customers are extra careful about non-essential spending, sports and leisure industries need to constantly reinvent themselves to make a compelling offer to retain customers.

We help sports governing bodies and leisure & fitness companies proactively manage, measure and annually track reputation to capture the signals that make or break reputation.

Aerospace & Defence

The changeable demands placed on armed forces and aviation companies, and the need for flexible mobility, require the aerospace & defence industry to constantly reinvent itself.

We give you the intelligence to know what's on the horizon and how best to turn risk into opportunities.

Professional Services

When your product is a service, demonstrating the tangibility of your added-value to organisations and society can be a real challenge.

Trust us, we know this first hand!

We can help you identify “shared value” to connect your business with society, and build a strong reputation as a valuable service provider.

Tourism & Hospitality

We all know that travellers want more than a destination: they want an experience. In a market increasingly focused on price, operators can struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Being able to leverage a positive reputation as a competitive advantage is now a critical success factor.

We can help you build a reputation that will create real momentum for your business.

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