Reputation Inc offers a broad range of services across three core pillars of Intelligence, Strategy and Engagement, helping organisations promote and protect their reputation amongst key stakeholders.


We help you understand your
stakeholders so that you can build
the foundations of your reputation.

Reputation Intelligence

A clear and unified picture of your reputation.

Service Offerings

  • Reputation model development

  • Reputation monitoring and deep dive insights

  • Reputation risk due diligence

  • Rankings, ratings and awards tracking and submissions management

  • Stakeholder prioritisation and network analysis

  • Materiality and issue foresight

  • Peer and best in class benchmarking

  • Capabilities and process auditing

  • Sustainability insights, ESG issues tracking, materiality assessments

  • Impact assessment of events, campaigns and incidents

  • Pre-testing and reputation implications analysis of business decisions

Reputation Inc offers a suite of sophisticated reputation intelligence products and services, underpinned by bespoke research models and professional, senior level data collectors that reflect the unique characteristics and business objectives of every organisation that we work with.

Our reputation intelligence expertise is unparalleled and has been fine-tuned by our globally leading experts over decades to ensure our clients always get the best fit for purpose solution matching their needs and budgets.

Reputation Inc offers bespoke strategic framework design underpinned by expert data collection, moderation and global fieldwork management. Our research dashboards, data visualisations, executive and board briefings lead to business ready, actional implications and guidance.

Whether we are extracting reputation value and adding value to client’s existing data, conducting new research or guiding decisions on data acquisition,  being impartial and independent of any fixed standardised approach means we can always guide clients towards the best fit for purpose solutions.


Active markets where we have completed reputation intelligence projects


Over 10 million unique datapoints analysed


Priority senior stakeholders sourced and engaged


Years conducting reputation intelligence programmes


We develop frameworks that

deliver on your reputation

and business objectives.

Reputation Strategy

Building reputation strategies aligned with business ambitions.

Service Offerings

  • Reputation Strategy Development

  • Development of key functional reputation strategies

  • Alignment of business and reputation strategies

  • Development of purpose, vision, mission and values

  • Development of reputation governance standards

  • Reputation risk strategy

Reputation Inc is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring that reputation guides better decision-making, encouraging businesses and organisations to align business strategies to reputation ambitions.

We help our clients to anchor strategy in purpose, vision, mission, and values, delivering not only on shareholder expectations but, equally, stakeholder expectations.

We develop key functional reputation strategies to help embed reputation across the entire organisation.

We guide businesses to good governance that is based on principle, sets leadership standards and behaviours, and develops leadership skills and competencies to connect and inspire all stakeholders and manage repuation risk.

We work comfortably at the highest levels within organisations, with CEOs and their leadership teams, other professional advisers, company boards and shareholders.


The first reputation management consultancy to open in the UK, Ireland and Norway.

250 +

Leading organisations we have advised on reputation strategy


We create engagement around
your reputation, bringing campaigns,
content and ideas to life.

Reputation Engagement

Strategic communications and stakeholder engagement to enhance and protect reputation.

Service Offerings

  • Messaging and narrative development

  • Media relations and campaigning

  • Reputation risk management

  • Digital communications and social media support

  • Financial communications and investor relations

  • Stakeholder engagement facilitation and coalition-building

  • Thought leadership platform creation

  • Visual reputation representation initiatives

Whether in the pursuit of enhancing your reputation or protecting it during an issue or crisis, Reputation Inc leverages a talented team of communicators to help turn strategy into action and bring great ideas to life.

Our approach is always focused on engaging with an organisation’s stakeholders through the content and channels that create the most impact, whether that be media campaigns, digital communications, thought leadership development, or direct engagement with stakeholders through events, forums, and roundtables.

8 +

Average length of client retainer relationship years


Leading organisations that Reputation Inc has guided through issues and crises

Leadership Capability

Supporting leaders and employees to be effective reputation ambassadors.

Service Offerings

  • Provide personal strategic counsel on reputation to leaders

  • Develop reputation leadership capabilities, competencies, training and skills

  • Reputation ambassador development programmes

  • Advanced stakeholder engagement, coalition, and advocacy programmes

  • Media, Social Media, and Crisis

    Communications Training

  • Live coaching, digital workshops, and compelling interactive eLearning solutions

Reputation Inc works with organisation leaders across the world providing counsel and strategic advice.

We equip current and future leaders with the communications skills and tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex world for businesses and organisations.

Through tailored leadership development programmes, focusing on the key facets of reputation management, communication, sustainability, digital communications, and stakeholder engagement, we help develop ambassadors that can skilfully judge, navigate, and articulate an organisation’s journey in this hyper-connected world.

Our one on one programmes, train the trainer programmes and eLearning solutions underpinned by our team of senior coaching experts have trained many senior executives, and have helped to broaden their strategic understanding and awareness of the essentials of reputation management and reputation risk.


Organisation leaders trained and coached on reputation management


Markets we have provided bespoke reputation training programmes in

Key Drivers


Culture is the fabric of an organisation. It drives individual and collective behaviours that shape corporate reputation.

Service Offerings

  • Culture listening

  • Employee Value Proposition

  • Culture vision setting

  • Strategic culture alignment

  • Culture leadership capability

  • Culture communications

Culture is now recognised as a powerful engine that shapes reputation from within organisations. When it thrives, culture acts as a talent magnet and a performance driver. It creates a positive experience for employees and, as a consequence, customers. When it fails, it creates major reputation risks for organisations.

Reputation Inc helps organisations understand their existing culture through tailored culture insights, set a vision to leverage culture as a key enabler of strategy and reputation, drive culture change through a range of strategic levers, and bring culture to life for employees and external stakeholders.


Helping organisations drive sustainable value creation for business performance, societal impact and environmental change.

Service Offerings

  • Advanced materiality research & auditing

  • Sustainability perception studies and reports

  • ESG goals, sustainability KPIs and reputation dashboards

  • Sustainability strategy development & co-creation

  • Programme development

  • Sustainability leadership & capability building

  • Embedding sustainability & ambassadorship

Sustainability is now synonymous with good business practice. It is intrinsically linked with long-term performance and unequivocally underpins stakeholder support. Sustainability drives consumer choices and business innovation, informs regulatory decisions, attracts investment and talent.

Reputation Inc helps organisations understand the perceptions and expectations of stakeholders in relation to their key environmental, social, governance, responsibility and community topics, helping businesses identify their strategic focus areas across a range of ESG issues and themes.

We help organisations develop and communicate their sustainability positioning, while embedding it across functions and geographies. Additionally, we support them in creating sustainability programmes that engage key stakeholders on the environmental and social issues that matter most to them and track stakeholder perceptions as the programme evolves.

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way organisations interact with their stakeholders, innovate, and operate.

Service Offerings

  • AI Reputation Assessment and Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement in AI Innovation
  • AI Ethics and Governance
  • AI Change Management and Cultural Transformation
  • Leadership Positioning in AI
  • AI Thought Leadership and Public Engagement
  • AI Transparency Reports and Impact Studies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides an unprecedented opportunity for organisations to elevate their research capabilities, gain richer insights, and drive more informed decision making. When effectively integrated, AI serves as a catalyst for innovation and a beacon of technological leadership, enhancing customer experiences and streamlining processes.

Leaders must be empowered to communicate AI’s role effectively, shaping a compelling narrative for both internal and external audiences and Reputation Inc assists organisations in navigating the complexities of AI integration with bespoke AI insights, establishing a vision to harness AI as a critical pillar of strategy and reputation enhancement. AI is an emerging technology so organisations must be vigilant about potential reputational risks. Ethical use, algorithmic biases, data privacy concerns, and the impact on job security pose significant challenges.

We guide the strategic implementation of AI technologies, ensuring ethical considerations and stakeholder trust are at the forefront, and facilitate the communication of AI's impact and benefits to both internal and external audiences, thus solidifying an organisation’s standing as an industry vanguard in technological advancement and ethical responsibility.

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