Building culture to drive reputation

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Six Drivers of Culture

Your reputation lives inside and outside your organisation. Unchecked and unmanaged, the wrong culture can and will leave organisations open to a wide range of potential reputation risks and crises.

Embracing sustainability requires organisations to disrupt themselves and adopt new operating models. This can only happen if the culture allows this transformation to happen.

Investors have a growing interest in culture. They don’t hesitate to use Glassdoor reviews as part of their due diligence or sanction CEOs that let a toxic culture spread in organisations.

Leading companies are now taking significant steps to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. A positive culture is both a driver and an outcome of employee wellbeing.

As new ways of working (e.g. flex, remote) set in, companies are no longer defined by physical boundaries. In this context, it is even more important to create a sense of shared values, ownership and belonging.

The rise of automation and digital technologies means that companies increasingly need to attract candidates from the same talent pool. In the war for talent, culture has become a core pillar of employer brands.

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