CSR and Reputation: what has changed with the recession?

By Jeremie Guillerme

Over the past years, ReputationInc has worked with several global companies to help them develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, a core element of reputation management. Conducting in-depth interviews with our clients' priority stakeholders and researching the latest CSR trends in the academic literature, we have observed that difficult economic times are profoundly changing stakeholder expectations with regards to CSR, while increasing the necessity of managing corporate reputations. To keep their competitive edge, companies have to address these concerns by rethinking their CSR strategies.

1- The recession has increased uncertainty at all levels, requiring companies to rely more on their reputation

Amongst the negative consequences of the recession, the one that has brought most concern to corporate communicators is the rise of permanent economic uncertainty. Market volatility, national debt, and the future of the Euro are issues that affect companies as much as governments. All major corporate players are now questioned on their ability to cope with a sudden crisis, and corporate reputations have a major role to play in this context...

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