Your office is your business and your business is your reputation

By Robert Brown

This week ReputationInc Dublin heralded another significant milestone with a move to a new headquarters across the road at 19- 20 Earlsfort Terrace.

While the move is no more than 50 yards, the transformation is considerable and the challenge to set the right tone for our reputation in the new environment.

Our new premises offers significant increased office space, superior facilities, enhanced technology, and is, overall, a fitting representation of the vision and values of our organisation, as well as our ambitions for the future. 

The planning and thought put into our move got us thinking about the growing importance of office space to companies, and its link with the overall perception and reputation of an organisation. Can a company’s physical place of business have a positive or negative impact on stakeholder perceptions?

Increasingly CEOs comb their offices before meeting journalists for interviews as they have become all too aware about how much their surroundings can impact the journalist’s perception of their leadership style, and their company in general.

Separately, companies like Google and Facebook put huge stock in the physical manifestation of their companies, regarding it as a critical factor for, amongst other things, recruitment and retention. Ask any graduate what type of working environment they’d like to see themselves operating in and invariably the Google-effect will be mentioned.  There is no doubt that Google’s investment in their workplace has helped them attract some of Ireland’s brightest and most promising IT graduates.

Only last month, the IDA sounded a word of caution on the ready availability of prime office space in Dublin. According to the state agency, our ongoing ability to attract FDI to Ireland will be dependent on office space that matches the requirements of the leading multi-nationals.   In other words, buildings with a carte blanche, where multinational companies can stamp their own identity and create spaces that add to their reputation as leading global organisations. 

This is of particular relevance for companies within certain sectors, especially those whose brand is defined by perceptions of pioneering innovation and modernism, as is the case with Google and their peers in Dublin’s "Silicon Docks”.  But increasingly other, more traditional, industries are following suit – recognising the value of investing in the physical manifestation of their businesses.  For instance, the last five years have seen three of the big five law firm’s move to new modern premises – in keeping with how they perceive themselves and how they want to be perceived by their stakeholders.

They say your home is your castle, and despite the challenging business environment over the last number of years, more and more companies are now recognising the importance of continually investing in seeing their ‘homes’ as a window to their reputation.

After 8 years operating across the road we look forward to welcoming you to our new home and hope you think it reflects well on our reputation.

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