ReputationInc leads flagship seminar at European Communication Summit

ReputationInc hosted a flagship seminar at the 2017 European Communication Summit which is a premier event in the continent’s communications landscape.  ReputationInc’s session on June 29th focused on Reputation centricity:  Why the Future of reputation now sits at the heart of successful organisations. 

Led by our Group CEO John Mahony, along with Dr Kerstin Liehr-Gobbers and Dennis Larsen, the seminar addressed the fact that many of the world’s best performing organisations are increasingly recognising that reputation is built and protected from the inside out, embedded in the organisation’s culture and strategy. We discussed the journey global leadership organisations and companies have taken to achieve this ambition through their work in four key areas: reputation capability, strategy, governance and intelligence.

We showcased that this requires a genuinely collaborative approach in which every leader, employee and stakeholder is encouraged to make a contribution to enhancing reputation rather than this being the preserve of the communications function.

We also made the case that technology such as social media, and the wider democratisation of information, are also fuelling the pace of these changes which require organisations to think through the cultural and structural challenges and opportunities needed to respond.

ReputationInc would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous session’s attendees and their very valuable contributions!

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