ReputationInc Introduces a New Approach to Evaluate and Manage Reputation for 2017

London, UK - December 12, 2016: ReputationInc, a leading international reputation management consultancy, is announcing the launch of “CoreRep+” – a new way to measure and evaluate corporate reputation for 2017. Launching via a global webinar on January 18th 2017 CoreRep+ is set to become an essential tool for boardrooms, business leaders and communications professionals around the world.  

Developed from rigorous analysis of existing frameworks, CoreRep+ gives organizations a new kind of reputation intelligence that can be easily customized to reflect its structure, areas of focus and operating environment. 

CoreRep+ is built around five core ‘drivers’ that are at the heart of any organization reputation. It then builds on these foundations by exploring five focus areas that can be customized or added to depending on each organization and their unique needs. 

Leonard J. Ponzi, Ph.D., Managing Partner of ReputationInc’s US operations and widely recognized expert on corporate reputation management measurement said about the new model: 

“Whether trying to measure corporate reputation of the largest organizations in the world, or a focused national business, there is no one-size fits all approach. CoreRep+ is unique in meeting the changing market dynamics which is asking for more flexibility in measurement tools.

“CoreRep+ is a hybrid-bespoke model that allows for the customization of each element in the measurement tool whilst staying true to our advanced reputation management framework. The results give companies a reputation intelligence system they can trust.”

Commenting on the new model, John Mahony group CEO ReputationInc explained: 

“CoreRep+ provides businesses and organizations with relevant reputation intelligence which, for the first time can inform not only performance metrics but future reputation, governance and strategy planning.”

Reputation can be evaluated using a number of different methods such as, online surveys, in-depth qualitative stakeholders interviews, or analysis of media coverage, but what sets CoreRep+ apart is its ability to make best use of a multitude of measuring techniques. CoreRep+ makes the best use of an organizations existing data whilst applying the best stakeholder research techniques in the field to organizations of any size, in any sector, in any country, to fully unlock the value of corporate reputation.

The global team who developed the model were led by, Dennis Larsen, Managing Partner ReputationInc Norway, Leonard J. Ponzi, Ph.D., Managing Partner ReputationInc US, with support from Kerstin Liehr, Ph.D., Director ReputationInc UK. 

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