Next steps on Brexit with Article 50 to be triggered

ReputationInc is advising wide-ranging firms, both in the UK and also internationally, on Brexit-related issues. 

With Article 50 expected to be triggered later this month by the UK Government, blowing the starting whistle for formal UK-EU exit talks, London Partner Andrew Hammond has published with the London School of Economics a strategic update on Brexit. 

It concludes that the prospects are growing of the UK heading toward not just a hard exit from the EU, but also a hard, disorderly exit that could damage all key parties.

Moreover, it finds that how the EU will change because of Brexit could be the most important, but often overlooked, outcome of the UK’s vote to leave last June.  Indeed, the currently 28 member bloc is now facing one of the most challenging moments in its history with not just Brexit, but also other key internal and external threats converging in a growing political and economic storm 

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