Building Culture to Drive Reputation

In the turbulent times that we are currently living through, a strong culture is a key enabler of business resilience. It allows companies to navigate change and helps teams to effectively collaborate even when they are not physically together.

More broadly, culture is recognised as a powerful engine that shapes reputation from within organisations. When it thrives, culture acts as a talent magnet, a performance driver, creates a positive experience for employees and as a consequence, customers. When it fails, it creates major reputation risks for organisations, as many crises have shown in the past few years. 

As many businesses navigate their way through the current crisis, we have decided to share critical insights on how to build a culture that drives reputation equity.

Our purpose is not to provide quick-fix tactics to manage the current situation, as most organisations have started to adapt to the new environment. However, as companies begin to redefine their model and set out how they live their purpose, this report provides meaningful approaches to shaping positive cultures through enduring, strategic insights, grounded in expert views.

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