Are you Brexit‑ready?

Managing your communications in uncertain times


Brexit has heaped new challenges and unanswered questions on Government, policy makers, regulators, industry sectors, businesses and other organisations of every size and scale throughout Ireland. We are all in unchartered territory and there is no previous playbook for guidance.

In this very uncertain and at times chaotic environment, how do leaders provide reassurance when employees are concerned; generate confidence when customers are apprehensive; and leverage competitive advantage when other providers are struggling to respond?

Clear and consistent communications is a key tool to be leveraged that can guide leaders and their organisations through these less familiar waters and help them shape and respond to the critical events that will inevitably unfold in the coming weeks, months and years.

And if organisations are waiting for the right time to engage, the tumultuous events of the past few weeks should be the final impetus for action.

So how should organisations respond?

As a first step, below is a sample of key questions from our “Brexit Checklist” for companies to consider:

Sample Extract from ReputationInc Brexit Communications Checklist

  • Based on your current understanding, in what ways will your organisation be potentially impacted by Brexit?
  • Who are your stakeholders? 
  • What are your stakeholders’ key interests and concerns in relation to Brexit?
  • Which stakeholders will be impacted most?
  • How well informed are stakeholders about your organisation’s position on Brexit?
  • Where are the information gaps?
  • Have you developed a position on Brexit? – a narrative or key messages that would clearly demonstrate that your organisation is well prepared, even if you don’t have all the answers right now.
  • Are there any major corporate developments planned over the coming weeks and months where Brexit will be a factor?
  • How is your industry responding in relation to Brexit?
  • Is you organisation’s position aligned with your industry sector and/or the wider business community?

The key to success is having a Brexit communications strategy in place that equips organisations with the insights and content to alleviate potential stakeholder concerns and mitigate the anticipated risks.

The insights that are gathered will ensure that the messaging and narrative is consistent and compelling and it will also provide leaders with the flexibility to adapt their message and their engagement in response to a fast changing political landscape.

Brexit is a major reputation challenge but it also represents a significant reputation opportunity.

We are here to help organisations establish a leadership position that sets them apart by creating the appropriate messaging and content, identifying the key issues and concerns, targeting the most important stakeholders, leveraging the most appropriate channels at the right time and assessing the impact to ensure success.

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