Navigating your world

Reputation is a crucial driver of business performance.

Reputation-led companies are setting the standard for others to follow by allowing it to inform and lead the business strategy.

We get to the heart of what makes your reputation.

From discovering your core purpose to operational and functional changes, we uncover your core DNA, reveal the environment in which you operate, and identify the best ways to use reputation to support your business strategy.

Top Challenges

Do we have a sense of who we are and where we want to be?

Can I leverage our reputation to unlock the opportunity as well as manage risk?

Can I build a communications team that’s aligned, capable, motivated and committed?

How do we create real shared value with society?

Our Promise

We get to the heart of what makes your reputation

How We've Helped Others

A leading international hotel chain needed help with managing its reputation during a change of ownership

Having managed the successful launch in Ireland of this iconic hotel property, we assisted the client, one of the world’s leading hotel operators,  in protecting its reputation during a challenging  economic and trading environment and a subsequent change in ownership of the hotel property.

Over an 18 month period we worked closely with both local and global leadership to ensure both internal and external stakeholders were kept informed of developments which included a court-approved sale process of the hotel property. Our work included messaging and narrative development, internal and external communications, ongoing stakeholder management and day-to-day strategic advice and support.

We successfully assisted the client manoeuvre through this period uncertainty and change with its reputation, brand and credibility intact. 

A newly-formed global luxury group had to create a vision, values and a CSR strategy from scratch

A newly-formed group in the luxury sector came to us with the ambition to create a corporate identity that would set the right tone and drive the business forward, while respecting the identity of its individual companies.

We developed group vision and values based on extensive research, building on the heritage and ambition of the different companies in the group. We then used the new vision and values as the foundation to build the strategic framework to drive corporate social responsibility at group level.

An industry body developed an ambitious five-year strategy and rebranding

A long-established but overlooked industry group felt the time was right to take on an ambitious growth and branding strategy but didn’t know where to begin.

By providing strong insights about the environment it was operating in we were able to provide the evidence for the group to take on a more ambitious strategy. It included taking on a bigger mission and purpose, name change, rebranding, messaging and cascade and engagement projects. We successfully helped them navigate these key changes to their purpose, mission and strategy.

What We Do

Alignment of reputation and business objectives

Do you have a clear idea of what your company should stand for? Building a reputation strategy requires you to integrate your business objectives, leadership ambitions, functional constraints and stakeholder expectations in one cohesive framework. We help businesses define what they want to stand for, and give them the strategy to achieve their reputation ambition.


Do you have the right structure in place to deliver on your reputation ambitions? We help businesses define the structure of their communications function and identify the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the communications team towards reputation building.


Can your business clearly articulate what it stands for? We help you unlock the potential of having well-defined mission, vision, values and purpose to give clear direction to your business, reputation and leadership ambitions.


Have you identified your potential shared value? Is your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy fulfilling stakeholder expectations? We develop CSR frameworks that go beyond reporting requirements and help you build enduring relationships with your stakeholders and society.

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