Seeing the full picture

Your reputation is in the minds of the people around you. What they think of you, your industry and the world around you are all factors in this equation.

To be able to grow and protect the reputation of your business, you first need to understand it.

We provide you with a clear, unified picture of your reputation.

Knowing what matters to your stakeholders, how they perceive your business and how they are likely to act towards it, helps inform business strategy and make plans for future stakeholder engagement.


Top Challenges

Who are my mission-critical stakeholders and what matters to them?

How can I get a more accurate picture of our overall reputation from our current research?

Does my world truly understand my business?

How can we initiate behavioural change?

Our Promise

We provide you with a clear, unified picture of your reputation

How We've Helped Others

A global FMCG company needed to obtain a clear picture of its reputation across 30 markets.

We developed a bespoke reputation measurement system centred on what mattered to the business and its stakeholders. This framework allowed our client to track its reputation at a global level while also building its reputation from the grassroots by addressing stakeholder concerns in each market.

We started by helping our client develop reputation ambitions and objectives, which we now measure against stakeholder perceptions every year. The results of our measurement programme are cascaded through the organisation, and used to inform the strategies of all business functions. Specific measures are also now part of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the global communications staff.

A global engineering company leveraged our insights to inform its stakeholder engagement and CSR strategies.

A global engineering company’s EMEA branch wanted to gather feedback on the quality of its engagement, with particular attention to engagement around CSR issues.

We partnered with the Head of Public Affairs and the Head of CSR to identify drivers of reputation, allowing the company to comprehensively measure its reputation. Every year, our reputation tracker gives the company valuable insights on the evolution of stakeholder expectations as well as honest feedback on its engagement performance.

A global food & drinks company needed a baseline measure of its reputation in 6 European markets.

A global food & drinks company contacted us to get its first comprehensive reputation measurement in Europe. Until then, the company had only relied on surveys that had no connection with each other and did not offer a 360 degree view of the company’s reputation (eg. customer survey, supplier survey, opinion leaders).

We partnered with the Director of Corporate Relations to establish the drivers of the company’s reputation, and got an initial measure of reputation across all stakeholders in six European markets. Our research revealed important stakeholder expectations that have been integrated into the current business planning cycle, with particular significance to corporate responsibility and customer engagement agendas.

What We Do

Reputation Measurement

How do your critical stakeholders perceive your company? What drives their perceptions? We help you to identify key reputation drivers that protect and further improve your reputation among different stakeholder groups. These insights allow you to track your performance over time and across geographies.

Internal Reputation Research

How do you fully unlock the potential of your employees in delivering on your objectives? Are your employees proud of the business they work for and fully engaged in their roles? Our internal research and expert diagnosis delivers the insights and ideas you need to drive successful change. By addressing the most impactful drivers of employee performance, you can boost your organisation’s performance.

Communications Auditing

Are you getting the right return on your communications activities? We can probe your stakeholders to understand how they receive your content and messages, to see if they have actually changed behaviours. This helps you adjust your communications strategy and programmes to identify the right volume, tone of voice, or channels to win the hearts and minds of your audiences.

Risk To Reputation

What are the risks to our reputation and what is their impact on the business success? We help you identify and prioritise issues that matter to your key stakeholders and your organisation.

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