Building engagement

To build your reputation you need to create sustained engagement to communicate,
reach and influence the people that matter.

Even the best reputation strategy counts for nothing if it's not brought to life. Finding ideas that spark action and inspire others to follow is the key to fufilling your reputation ambitions.

We bring ideas to life to move your reputation forward.

We take ideas, insights and strategies and turn them into something real. In doing so, we keep you connected,
build trust and evolve to sustain interest amongst the people that matter.

Top Challenges

How Do We Stay Connected With Our Stakeholders?

How Can We Build Trusted Relationships?

How Can We Turn the Tide?

How Do We Keep People Interested?

Our Promise

We bring ideas to life to move your reputation forward

How We've Helped Others

A global manufacturer wanted to be a leading voice in key European debates

We helped them develop strong core campaign ideas that were centred around their commercial objectives. We identified key demographics and groups to survey for each topic. We then focused in on specific groups and used our extensive research experience to shed new light on a well-established topic.

Overall we have created various assets that were used as key platforms for engagement with vital stakeholders. Through creating unique online tools, organising European symposiums, generating media coverage, reporting unique research and publishing a range of white papers, we helped the client drive debates central to their business operations.

A leading Irish food retail group wanted a proactive media programme to enhance its reputation

A national company with a diverse business and stakeholder landscape wanted assistance to develop and implement a proactive media outreach programme which would enhance and protect its reputation. This involves creative and considered media initiatives to positively highlight the activities of the company and its respective brands, give visibility to the leadership and a point of differentiation in a very competitive sector.

For almost a decade we’ve been building relationships on behalf of the organisation across national business and news media, trade, online channels and local press. We also provide ongoing  advice and counsel in relation to social media engagement and issues management at a corporate, retailer and consumer level.

A large social enterprise needed help to manage its key media and political relationships

A large public sector outsourcing company needed help to manage its key media and political relationships.

An outsourcing company working across vital social issues (including unemployment, justice, education and training ) needed to find the right media and political engagement programme. This included several thought leadership reports to support the fundamental aspect of their business. Our counsel has also helped them navigate the media and continue to move their business forwards.

Through our sustained efforts we’ve helped them rebuild trust in Whitehall and the media. Our reports have gone on to be a key resource for those in politics and the media.

What We Do

Purposeful Campaigns

We bring our strategic expertise to bear in building campaigns that are purposeful and clear in their objectives and actions.

Inspiring Thought Leadership

We help you find your ‘blue sky’: your unique issues and perspectives that matter to the people in your world. We help you step out and lead in this field using a combination of assets.

Impactful Communications

We help you build lines of communication across a range of channels than connect with your target audiences in an impactful way.

Experienced 360 Stakeholder Relations

We know how important every person in your world is. We help you connect to everyone surrounding your business and forge trusted relationships with them.

We Create the





To Build Your Reputation