When industry reputation stands in the way of business success

24th May 2016 - Oslo, Sentralen

24th May 2016

08.30 - 10.30

Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo, Norway

In certain sectors, companies regularly find themselves forced to choose between individual gain and industry reputation. In particular, pharmaceutical companies struggle with this dilemma as they oftentimes face unjust criticism for inflated prices, unethical marketing and excessive product patent protection.

How does the pharmaceutical industry conduct reputation management when contending with the demands of regulatory authorities as well as the general public? And how do government officials view an industry that daily saves lives yet is plagued by a less than perfect reputation?

In this breakfast meeting, ReputationInc Oslo and RudPedersen Public affairs endeavored to answer precisely these questions. Providing the view of the authorities, former Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen shared her experiences from years of working closely with the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, Pfizer’s Norwegian Head of Communications, Joachim Henriksen, provided industry perspectives. 

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