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26th June 2013 - London

26th June 2013


On June 26, ReputationInc held the 8th Business Breakfast in this year's series. After tackling, during the previous editions, issues as varied as the importance of reputation insights, the ways of build capability amongst senior leadership, or the opportunities offered by reputation foresight, we explored the core success factors of campaigning in the current environment.

The event gathered around 25 high-level communicators from Consumer Goods, Banking, Business Services, and the Public Sector, amongst other sectors. The keynote speaker was Tony Long, Strategic Communications Lead Advisor at the Royal Navy.

Jonathan Chandler from ReputationInc opened the session with a snapshot of the challenges affecting campaigning today. The first remark is that the nature of the challenges posed to campaigners has not fundamentally changed. Rather, the same challenges have become more acute than they used to be:

Namely, these challenges are:

  • Increasing difficulty to cut through the noise in an environment where the amount and speed of information is increasing exponentially.
  • Intensified stakeholder scrutiny and expectations for transparency.
  • Multiplication and increased reach of stakeholder reactions on social media.
  • Expectations to enroll employees in external campaigns.
  • Rise of asymmetric competition: the fast-moving innovation pace means that winning a campaign in your own market may not be sufficient to address competitors' initiatives on other markets that can be a threat to your organisation (eg. a payment card company needs to address mobile payment systems as well as cards in its campaigning strategy)
  • Bad ideas die quicker! Possibly a 'good' side of the current environment. Adverse reactions to a 'bad idea' can be so intense in a very short time frame that it prevents the idea from being implemented, saving costs and further reputation damage to the organisation.

In order to address these challenges, the following solutions were mentioned:

Our keynote speaker and various participants in the audience highlighted the key reputation challenges of their organisation, the 'big idea' that they chose to build a long-term campaign, and how it succeeded in lifting up their organisation's reputation.

If you would like to know more about our forthcoming business breakfasts, please get in touch and we will let you know about the next events.

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