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24th May 2012 - London

24th May 2012


On 24 May 2012, ReputationInc hosted a breakfast seminar on the use of reputation intelligence in business decision making. The keynote speaker was John G. Clarke, Global External Communications and Corporate Relations at HEINEKEN.

In a communications era with information in ever increasing abundance, businesses often underestimate the resources required to navigate a data rich environment and are not yet fully tapping into the potential. The most effective businesses take a more strategic approach to the gathering and use of intelligence.

In reputation management this means gathering the right intelligence that aids business strategy design and implementation. Best practice shows that the most successful firms are leaps and bounds ahead those that rely simply on reputation rankings, omnibus surveys and / or media output analysis.

Leading companies apply the following core principles in their reputation intelligence and related insights management programmes, which need to be strategic, actionable, embedded, Mutually exclusive and comprehensively exhaustive (MECE).

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