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9th June 2013 - Dublin

9th June 2013



At ReputationInc's latest Business Breakfast in Dublin, some of Ireland's most senior business and communications executives heard from Mark Ryan, Country Managing Director at Accenture Ireland on how this world leading company has been using reputation insights and measurement to inform its overall business and communications strategies. Mark was later joined by Liam Reid of Diageo and Trevor Holmes of University College Cork in a panel discussion to share their experiences of leveraging reputation research in their engagement with stakeholders.

These three leading organisations understand one very important point about Reputation Management - you can't manage what you don't measure - and they shared with attendees some of the answers to the following questions:

- Do you know what drives your company's unique reputation?
- Do you know how your most important stakeholders view your business?
- Do you analyse and track stakeholder perceptions to inform your business and communications strategies?


Pictured L-R at the RHA Gallery Dublin were: Mark Ryan, Accenture Ireland; John Mahony & John Keilthy, ReputationInc and Trevor Holmes, University College Cork.

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