UK politics at a critical crossroads? What does the General Election result mean for the UK political outlook and corporate affairs in 2015 and beyond?

12th May 2015 - London

12th May 2015


83 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5ES

The uncertainty of this year’s General Election result means that political risk, and potentially opportunity, in the United Kingdom is at its highest level for many years.

With the unprecedented prospect of a second consecutive UK ‘hung parliament’, you are invited to a seminar a few days after the May 7 ballot to explore what the results mean for the UK political outlook and public/corporate affairs in coming weeks, months and years ahead. 

A seasoned panel of experts will include Ian Wright, Director General of the UK Food and Drink Federation and former Global Corporate Affairs Director at Diageo, and Edward Bickham, former Group Head of External Affairs at Anglo American and former Special Adviser in the Major Government.

In this highly uncertain political moment, many corporate decision-makers (whether public/corporate affairs specialists, strategists, or C-Suite executives etc) are looking for the right ‘toolkit’ to plan ahead to mitigate risk and seize potential opportunity on the horizon in the post-General Election landscape. 

As well as exploring the key implications of the general election result, the event will look at best practice in corporate political risk and opportunity planning, and what key elements of this toolkit should include, from foresight and scenario planning, to political risk and opportunity assessment/evaluation tools. 

Speakers to include: 

  • Edward Bickham: former Special Adviser in the Major Government and ex-Group Head of Global External Affairs for Anglo American
  • Ian Wright: Director General of UK Food and Drink Federation and former Global Corporate Affairs Director at Diageo
  • Andrew Hammond: Former special adviser in the Blair Government and Associate at London School of Economics

Time: 8:00am for an 830am start


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