UK politics at a critical crossroads: how should firms plan for political risk and opportunity in a sea of uncertainty?

19th September 2014 - London

19th September 2014


83 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5ES

Political risk in the United Kingdom is at its highest level, right now, for many years, if not decades.  Scotland’s vote on whether to leave the United Kingdom on Thursday 18th could not just lead to the break-up of one of the longest established political unions in the world, but also have key political implications for:

  • Next year’s UK General Election.
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland’s push for more devolved political powers.
  • The prospects of the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union in any ‘in-out’ referendum in coming years.

In this highly uncertain political moment, many corporate decision-makers (whether public/corporate affairs specialists, strategists, or C-Suite executives etc) are looking for the right ‘toolkit’ to plan ahead to mitigate risk and seize any potential opportunity on the horizon.

The seminar, which will feature a distinguished panel will look at best practice in corporate political risk and opportunity planning, and what key elements of this toolkit should include, from foresight and scenario planning, to political risk and opportunity assessment/evaluation tools. 

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