The WORLD FORUM for Foreign Direct Investment 2016

5th April 2016 - San Diego, CA.

5th April 2016

2:30 PST

San Diego, CA.

ReputationInc's newly appointed US Managing Director, Dr Leonard Ponzi, will be speaking at The WORLD FORUM for Foreign Direct Investment 2016 in San Diego.

Leonard will be part of a panel, which includes Andrew Serwer, Editor in Chief, Yahoo Finance, discussing how social and political issues sway investment decisions. In particular Leonard will speak about how corporate reputations can be exported abroad.

Global corporate thought leaders will run a variety of events, talks and seminars across the the three days of the conference (3-6 April). Key note speakers include Martin Ford, author of the New York Times best selling book of the year - The Rise of Robots and Peter Zeihan, author of the Accidental Superpower.

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