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13th November 2012 - London

13th November 2012

08:45 for a 09:00 start until approximately 10:30

Round Room – Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

This November, ReputationInc held a reputation seminar on the challenges facing global organisation's corporate relations functions, with an audience of 20 senior communicators.

Digital technology, social networking and 24 hour news have become dominant forces in the transfer of information from business to business, from business to consumer and from consumer to consumer. The new dynamic has forced every business function to adapt, perhaps none more so than corporate communications.

Once, corporate communications was relatively simple. Its main role was to liaise with the press: sending out releases when necessary, arranging half-yearly meetings between members of the media and the chief executive and making sure a coterie of senior journalists were on your side. For some corporate affairs directors, the role was even more prescriptive: asked to act as guardians of information, they saw their job as ensuring the press knew as little as possible about the businesses for which they worked.

Today, such control is almost impossible.

The debate facilitated by ReputationInc set out to explore the possible solutions to this challenge, and the different models that can deliver on corporate reputation ambitions.

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