The Future of Reputation Risk

8th October 2019 - Copenhagen

8th October 2019

17.00 – 19.30

Danske Bank, Kuppelsalen, Laksegade 10, København K

How are companies managing the number one risk to business?

We will explore what the future of reputation risk looks like, and how leading companies are managing what is considered by many leaders to be the number one risk to business.

We share key findings of a recent study conducted by ReputationInc in partnership with the EACD’s Working Group on Regulatory and Reputation Risk. The study spans pan-European heads of corporate relations and risk managers who were interviewed in depth and online.

Across all sectors, we have witnessed the consequences of not paying enough attention to reputation when it comes to decision-making, and there is ample evidence that organisations that proactively build reputation, and integrate reputation risk considerations into the fabric of day-to-day business, are more successful in the long term.

We will hear about the research results and company specific reflections from leading practitioners in Denmark.

Join us for new insights and an interactive discussion with our speakers followed by networking over drinks.


·        Results of the EACD study on Reputation Risk, presented by Dennis Larsen, Managing Partner Reputation Inc

·        Thoughts and practices on reputation, case Falck, presented by Kaspar Bach Habersaat, Vice President, Global Branding & Communications at Falck

·        Thoughts and practices on reputation, case Danske Bank, presented by Kim Larsen, Executive Vice President, Head of Group Communications & Relations, Danske Bank

·        Reflections and Q/A with participants


October 8, 2019, 17.00-19.30 at Danske Bank, Kuppelsalen, Laksegade 10, København K

The working language will be English and moderated by Anders Monrad Rendtorff. 

You are then welcome to join the networking reception, hosted by Danske Bank, afterwards. 

Participation is free of charge.

I look forward to this meeting and an insightful discussion! 

Best regards,

Anders Monrad Rendtorff

EACD Regional Coordinator Denmark

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