How to deal with crises: Reputation management as a proactive and reactive tool

16th February 2016 - Oslo, The Thief

16th February 2016

08:00 - 10:00

Landgangen 1, Oslo, Norway

Most organizations experience crises during the course of their lifetime. The long-term repercussions of a crisis rely on number of factors, yet the ability of the organization to manage the crisis is in most cases of the utmost importance. At the same time, research shows that the crisis most business leaders fear the most is loss of reputation.

What should an organization do if it is struck by crisis? How can one best handle crises created by the organization itself? And last but not least, how to predict the future and prevent crises from becoming reality? With a number of Norwegian communication leaders present, the launch event of the Oslo office did much to answer precisely these questions.

In addition to providing an academic introduction to the topic of crisis communication, the Oslo breakfast meeting included two diverse practitioner outlooks on the topic. The former was provided by Professor and ReputationInc special advisor Peggy Simcic Brønn. Following this, Anita Svanes, VW’s Norwegian Communications Director, spoke on how her organization had navigated the recent emissions crisis. Lastly, Helga Odden, Communications Director of the Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Centre, shared many of her experiences related to reputation and meat in a crisis context.

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