How rankings and ratings can help drive a better reputation

6th February 2019 - London

6th February 2019

8:00 am

Bankside Hotel, 2 Blackfriars Rd, Upper Ground, London, UK, SE1 9JU

Our first breakfast seminar of 2019 was jointly hosted on February 6 with rankings specialist R.A.T.E.

It featured key note speakers Nancy Nackaerts, Novartis International’s Director Corporate Reputation Management, and Dominic Redfearn, Diageo’s Global Brand and Communications Director. 

The event explored the way performance of leading organisations is constantly being evaluated and ranked using benchmarks such as performance, brand, governance and transparency, innovation, sustainability, culture and people amongst others.  For instance, in the past 12 months European companies and organisations have been evaluated by over 500 different ranking tables.

Please check out our short video of the seminar, and also Kerstin Liehr’s blog, which summarises the discussion, including how rankings and ratings can help drive a better reputation.

Click on the image below to view the video:


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