Global Strategic Risk and Organizational Resilience Workshop ‑ Hosted by The Conference Board

1st June 2016 - New-York City

1st June 2016

New-York City

Dr. Leonard J. Ponzi, Managing Partner of ReputationInc’s US business, will provide attendees of the 2016 Global Strategic Risk & Organizational Resilience Workshop with the key developments and trends in global reputation risk management.

This presentation will be part of a unique 2-day workshop designed by experienced cross-disciplinary senior executives who in today’s complex, fast-changing age of mega-risk require an up-to-date, innovative, 360 degree approach to addressing and solving global strategic risks for their organizations. This hands-on multi-disciplinary workshop for senior executives will combine expert updates on key global strategic risks – cyber, reputation, climate, geopolitical – with interactive modules designed to provide an immersion into global strategic risk and crisis management.

Please register by April 16th for 100$ savings.  

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