Culture in action, today and tomorrow

19th May 2020 - Webinar

19th May 2020

11:00am BST


We are approaching a critical juncture in ‘Living with the Covid Pandemic’ for businesses and organisations as we navigate new ways of inspiring, working and connecting with our people, our customers and our wider stakeholders.

Whilst this is not without its challenges, for many leaders it has become an opportunity to reflect and reimagine opportunities to make business more culturally connected, sustainable, ethical, transparent, and responsive to society’s needs.

How do we drive this meaningful change when uncertainty is everywhere?

The answer is in having a well-adjusted compass to define -or redefine- how we behave as employees, as business leaders, and as organisations. In other words: shaping meaningful approaches to culture to build long-term business resilience.

In our recent report, Building Culture to Drive Reputation, we explored six strategic insights to inform approaches to culture, grounded in expert views.

Today, we are pleased to invite you to our webinar Culture in action, today and tomorrow, to discover how leading organisations are approaching culture in these challenging times and setting cultural foundations for tomorrow.

Culture in action, today and tomorrow
Time: 11am BST
Date: Tuesday 19 May

Guest speakers: 

James Magill, Human Resources Director, Vodafone Ireland
Jo Osborn, VP Internal Communications & Corporate Brand, RB
Natasha Plowman, Global Head of Communications Strategy and Digital - HSBC Commercial Banking

All webinar participants will be welcome to share their own experience of building culture in their organisation.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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