Co‑creating EU policy: The new dynamics of public affairs and reputation management from a Nordic perspective

7th April 2017 - Oslo, The Thief (Fjord)

7th April 2017

08:00 - 10:00

Landgangen 1, Oslo, Norway

As the political landscape of Europe changes, strong relationships between Nordic businesses and EU institutions are becoming increasingly important. This business breakfast for senior leaders, public affairs and corporate relations professionals explored ways to influence future operational environments through reputation building and issues management.

Sharing first-hand experience from a long career in the Norwegian foreign service was Niels Engelschiøn, Director-General Department for European Affairs, Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In addition to this, the changing European public affairs landscape was outlined by Andrew Hammond, Partner at ReputationInc London and former UK Government Special Adviser.

Furthermore, we were joined by Martin Bresson, incoming Managing Partner of Rud Pedersen Brussels and former Minister Counsellor for the Danish Representation to the EU, who provided a practical approach to the complex subject of EU lobbying. Lastly, speaking on the inner workings of the European Parliament, was Kimmo Collander, Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen Helsinki and co-author of a recently published book on the European lobbying industry.

            The event was organised in partnership with RUD PEDERSEN PUBLIC AFFAIRS

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