Change management ‑ why you should invest in leadership capability

11th January 2017 - Oslo, Sentralen

11th January 2017

08:30 - 10:30

Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo, Norway

In an increasingly dynamic environment for business, strong leadership is more than ever proving an important business asset. Oftentimes, the challenge lies in selecting the most effective methods to cultivate the leadership mindset and skills required for success. 

Speaking to inspire our Norwegian contacts on the subject was Global Learning Director Annica Johansson, the driving force behind leadership development at Mondelēz International (the company behind Norway’s favourite chocolate Freia). Most importantly, Johansson shared learning from setting up the virtual Mondelēz International University, taking an attentive audience through the opportunities and hurdles involved in creating an aligned global offering for learning in a large international organisation.

Providing an academic perspective, Professor Anne-Britt Gran of the BI Norwegian Business School Centre for Creative Industries presented recent perspectives from research on the collaboration between creative industries and Norwegian business. More specifically, Gran explored how the competencies of creative industries in Norway have aided business development and helped organisations through transformation processes.

Final speaker of the day was Head of HR Inger Kristine Tovslid of the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Bringing together theory and practice, Tovslid shared her experiences and perspectives on experiential and culture based learning methods as both of late have proved successful elements of the NGI organisational development programme. 

As these examples and our experience elsewhere with leading organisations show, successful transformation and change management rests on the capability of leaders and managers to communicate a coherent message tailored to internal audiences. Companies that invest in leadership capability, especially in difficult time, are more resilient and successful. For more information on our approach and past experience, get in touch.

                                      The event was organised in partnership with SPLINT

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