Karina Dooley

Since joining ReputationInc, Karina has expanded her knowledge and expertise through working on reputation management and stakeholder engagement programmes, as well as undertaking reputation measurement on behalf of clients. 

Karina previously worked as a communications consultant at a boutique PR agency, where she carried out media relations and strategic communications for a number of well-known consumer and technology brands.

Karina holds a B.A in English and Sociology from University College Dublin, and a Masters in Public Relations from Dublin Institute of Technology, where she was awarded with the ‘Irish Printer’s Prize for Best Writer'. She is a contributor to an Irish lifestyle blog, and a member of ‘Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers Academy', an elite group of public speakers from the UK and Ireland. 

In her spare time, Karina enjoys travelling and sampling the culinary delights of Dublin’s fair city.

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