“ReputationInc started with a group of like‑minded people who shared a singular ambition: to create a powerhouse for Reputation Thinking.”

John Mahony - Group CEO

Reputation Thinking

We started ReputationInc with the idea that corporate communications has changed. A decade later we are still proud of our reputation for challenging prevailing thinking and for our professional wisdom in the field of reputation management. 

The challenges for businesses, leaders and communicators are now immense as reputation has increasingly become a critical business driver of performance and success. 

Understanding reputation's strategic role and the positive impact it can have in building a long-term sustainable reputation for global companies is what we strive to understand, develop and apply in our work with clients.

It's been a long journey and thankfully we are still at the vanguard of reputation thinking and have much more to discover.

Our Journey


Building an integrated approach

When we started, we saw many businesses struggle with the problem of working in silos. Brand communications, corporate responsibility, internal communications and investor relations did not communicate, let alone collaborate, with one another.

The communications function and strategy needed a serious rethink.

We have helped businesses break down these silos. In doing so we have enabled businesses to build integrated reputation strategies and programmes, which are properly resourced and aligned with business ambitions.


A seat at the management table

It was tough to get business leaders to accept that reputation thinkers were needed around the boardroom table. We believe they better inform business strategies and set a clear direction for the company.

We persevered and nowadays it is far more commonplace to see this valuable talent as an integral part of leadership teams.   


Building reputation accountability

Understanding the value of reputation and the important voice it has at the boardroom table escalated the need for robust reputation insights, tracking and measurement. If reputation was to have a credible role in business decision making it needed to provide compelling insights on the business today for tomorrow; it needed to identify not only reputation risks but the route to reputation opportunity.

We are very proud to have delivered global reputation measurement models for some of the most respected companies in the world. 


Anchoring reputation leadership in key skills & competency

Business and communication leaders are now expected to have a whole set of competencies and skills to help build their reputation in a fast-paced digital world. 

Our programmes identify the skills business leaders and their people need to become even more effective reputation ambassadors. They have helped raise the bar for what reputation-led businesses are capable of delivering. 

This has translated into long-term businesses success and we have enjoyed leading the way with our own thinking.


Reputation as a critical business driver

This journey has made two thing abundantly clear: a company without reputation as a critical business driver and a skilled leadership team to leverage it is a company heading nowhere.

Today we are proud to have helped so many companies achieve this ambition and to work in a profession that has so much still to discover about what builds, protects and grows reputation.

What’s next?

Reputation Thinking never stops evolving and neither do we.
The next chapter, we will write it together.

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